Brooklyn Rose Ludlow is a Columbus-based drummer, composer, arranger, and producer. Her music explores a wide range of influences with a focus on inspiring emotional catharsis through sound. She currently leads The Brooklyn Rose Future Jazz Orchestra and performs with indie rock band The Fears and math rock duo Quorian.

Brooklyn graduated summa cum laude with a B.M. in Jazz Composition from The Ohio State University in 2019.

Work As Soloist / Bandleader

The Hill Song (2016)

A collage of field recordings, improvised performances, and electronic post-production inspired by the lo-fi psychedelic folk of Animal Collective and John Fahey, the swirling ambient textures of Brian Eno, and the lush harmony of vintage Hollywood.


Miscellaneous short pieces spanning a variety of genres including 8-bit VGM, jazz, lo-fi hip-hop, modern classical, and drone.

The Brooklyn Rose Future Jazz Orchestra

A 10-piece electronic/post-rock/modern jazz group featuring lush electronic textures, dense double drums, massive crescendos, and complex, through-composed pieces



Work As Sidewoman

Yearwalk – Silent Film (2017)

Indie folk rock from Akron, Ohio.

Credits: Drums, Bass, Arrangements, Mixing, Mastering

The Fears

Indie-alternative band from Columbus, OH.


Math Rock from Columbus, OH.

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